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Our vision is to create a better every-day life for immigrant families and communities by Inspiring, Challenging and Educating them.


Little is more extraordinary than the decision to migrate … the accumulation of emotions and thoughts, which finally leads someone to say farewell to a community where he/she has lived for centuries, to abandon old ties and familiar landmarks, and to sail across dark seas to a strange land …

There are probably as many reasons for coming to America as there are people who come. It can be said that everyone has a chief motive to migrate to America shores. With a strong sense of hope and self-determination, and that even when they encounter challenges, most immigrants are optimistic that their prospects will be more favorable than they could ever be in their home countries.

We bring to light those stories that inspire of resilience and optimism, of deep commitment for hard work and sacrifice for a better life for themselves and their families.


Traditionally, economic considerations have motivated migrants. Theorists have labeled “push” and “pull” factors that motivate individuals to leave their homelands. Religious persecution, political oppression and economic hardship are classic “push” factors. And, for many who fled their homelands over the past three centuries, the United States has offered the corresponding “pulls” of religious freedom, freedom of thought and speech, and economic opportunities. Yes settling in America poses many challenges: language barriers, employment, housing, access to services, cultural differences, problem kids! prejudice and racism, isolation, the weather.. the list is endless.

We bring to light those stories that have overcome these challenges and find new strengths.



Many people believe that "Knowledge is Power" and that success depends on how much a person knows. Unfortunately, this is less than half the equation. Until knowledge is applied, then and only then does it become powerful. Without retaining knowledge you are wasting time acquiring it. We do not need to know everything to take action, but we need to be taking action every time we learn something new.

We bring to light stories of those that applied the knowledge they acquired.

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